GNS ® ‘ Law Office Technology Solutions (LOTS ™) division
is dedicated to providing small and medium size law firms
in Northern and Central California with state of the art
computing hardware, software, and support to help you
run your law practice as efficiently as possible. We also
offer a number of other technology related services to law
firms. You are cordially invited to explore our site to
learn what GNS and LOTS can do for your firm.

GNS ®  is a trademark of GNS Network Services, Incorporated, registered  with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Electronics | Software

GNS is an authorized reseller of many brands of the highest quality servers, workstations, portable electronics, networking hardware and Internetworking hardware. Using high quality electronics as the backbone of your LOTS system assures highly responsive and reliable performance.

GNS has designed a state-of-the-art attorney workstation that utilizes the latest technology to provide you with a system that transitions seamlessly from your office environment to the field and courtroom so that wherever your practice takes you, you will always have access to your documents and data through the same software you use at your office. No matter where you are, you will be able to unobtrusively enter notes and calendar data that will
automatically update your firm’s master database when you return to your office. Please contact us for details and to schedule an on-site demonstration of this amazing technology.


Software | Electronics

GNS provides and supports many software products in addition to those listed here. Please contact us for further information on providing or supporting any other product.

Amicus Attorney is currently the most popular law practice management system for small and medium size firms. Designed by a lawyer to work the way lawyers work, it adapts technology to the lawyer, rather than the other way around. It easily interfaces with many other software packages in wide use for  billing and accounting, document management, and document generation and assembly. It also interfaces with the  CompuLaw ® court rules
calendaring engine. GNS is a certified consultant for Amicus Attorney.

GNS can provide any or all of these services, as you require:

  1. Technology Assessments
    For a nominal fee, GNS will assess the performance of your existing computing infrastructure and make appropriate recommendations for hardware or software upgrades to meet present and future system requirements.
  2. Systems Integration GNS provides the technical expertise, hardware, and software to build a reliable, secure state of the art automated law practice system custom designed for your firm that will meet your needs for years to come. We can
    also upgrade your existing computing infrastructure with the same goals in mind. GNS understands that your business is the practice of law, not following the latest developments in the computer industry. Therefore GNS designs your
    system to provide consistent and reliable performance with a minimum of disruptions and unforeseen expenditures.

Additional Law Related Services

Based on our extensive understanding of both law and technology,  we also offer the following customized services to our clients:

  • Data Forensics
  • Computer Investigations
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Forensic Experts
  • Computer Forensic Analysis
  • Expert Witness
  • Litigation Support
  • Trial Preparation
  • Data Depositions
  • Email Forensics
  • Email Recovery
  • Deleted File Forensics
  • Computer Investigations
  • Electronic Evidence
  • Computer Auditing

Please contact us for further information.

LOTS saves your firm money.

A law office technology solution saves you money in a number of ways. It assists you in
capturing billable time that is otherwise lost by reminding you to enter your timesheets and provides an easy and highly effective method of timing, recording, and posting your time entries.

saves you money in a number of ways. It assists you in
capturing billable time that is otherwise lost by reminding you to enter your timesheets and provides an easy and highly effective method of timing, recording, and posting your time entries.

Further, LOTS greatly reduces your firm’s non-billable overhead. It minimizes time spent searching for misplaced phone numbers, documents, or files. Everything you need to know is conveniently located at your fingertips in an electronic case file, and you will never again have to track down an attorney on travel, vacation, or making a court appearance to find something. Authorized access to another attorney’s case data is as simple as opening the electronic case file on your desktop, allowing you to quickly provide billable assistance to another firm member’s clients when required. It is difficult to bill a client in good conscience if you were unable to provide him or her with useful information because you could not quickly obtain it. A LOTS system minimizes accounting costs by seamlessly integrating your time and billing entries into your accounting system, freeing your time to practice law and maximize
billable hours.

A LOTS system also provides statistical information and graphic reports on your firm’s and individual member’s performance at the touch of a button, so you can effortlessly keep your finger on the pulse of your firm at all times.

You will happily discover the many other ways your LOTS system will increase the profitability of your firm as you continue to use the product.